About Me

Recommended reading essential: Tea.

If you have stumbled across this page, then let me introduce myself – but before I do, take a sip of that tea that my tagline told you to make (we can both pretend that you’ve listened, as you A. Carry on reading, or B. Boil the kettle because you now fancy one – you’re welcome).

My name is Sophie, and I am a writer and actor trying to navigate my twenties. I still can’t walk in heels, and I probably watch too many crime documentaries. I am a huge kindness enthusiast, own way too many notebooks – oh and I own every flavour of tea… Probably. I write two posts a week, ranging from new beauty favourites, lifestyle, mindfulness advice, Netflix recommendations, and self care. I hope you enjoy reading these small extracts of my mind, as much as I do writing them!

I am always happy to hear thoughts or recommendations on my posts, I am also PR friendly. You can get in touch via social media, or email if preferred.

email. sophiemort@ymail.com / forarainyday@yahoo.com
instagram & Twitter @sophieemort